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The optimal refrigeration compressor type for every application
  • Standard compressors for single-stage and two-stage operation
  • Evaporating temperatures from -65 up to +30 °C
  • Refrigeration capacities from 75 up to 8500 kW at -10/+30 °C for NH3
  • Suitable for NH3, R22, R134a, R404A, R507, R290, R1270, R744 (CO2) and other common    refrigerants
  • Semi-hermetic compressor for use in ammonia-chillers

Reciprocating or screw compressor, or both?
There is no general answer. Each compressor type has its particular advantages, depending on the required conditions of operation. One should consider all relevant criteria, such as capacity required, ease of maintenance, operating conditions, energy consumption, temperature levels, investment and available space. With the aid of Grasso’s Comsel compressor selection programme you can make an easy selection from the wide range of Grasso's reciprocating and screw compressors. 



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Grasso Piston Compressors

Grasso Screw Compressors

Packaged Screw Compressor Systems

GEA Grasso's reciprocating compressor range includes
37 Grasso models of compressors subdivided into 4 series.

22 types, subdivided into 3 series
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The engineered packaged systems of GEA Refrigeration Technologies are custom designed to meet the processing requirements and refrigeration needs of heavy-duty specification applications.




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Moere about Grasso purgers

Packaged Piston Compressor Systems


Grasso Liquid Chillers


Grasso Purger

Packaged piston compressor systems designed for cooling and freezing applications in medium and larger sized industrial applications find their way all over the world where efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance is the standard.

Divided into the Industrial Line and the Air Conditioning Line
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Grasso self-limiting Automatic Air Purger removes non-condensable gases from the refrigeration system.

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More about Grasso dryer units

More about Grasso system control devices

Grasso Dryer

Grasso System Control (GSC)

Grasso ammonia Dryer removes water from the ammonia circuit.
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Grasso system control (GSC), electronic monitoring and control devices for Grasso reciprocating and screw compressors, packages and chillers.
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