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GEA Grasso's Compressor Selection Program, Comsel 

From the wide range of GEA Grasso compressors an easy selection can be made with the aid of our documentation and GEA Grasso' s compressor selection programme, Comsel, covering the complete reciprocating and screw compressor range.

The Comsel programme covers:

  • The programme offers a quick and accurate selection of the optimum reciprocating and/or screw compressor based on the required refrigeration capacity and the operating conditions.
  • After entering all design conditions, both reciprocating and screw compressors and packaged units will be selected after which a clear comparison will lead to the optimal choice.
  • In addition, one can select standard accessories, such as oil separators and interstage coolers.

Comsel is available on request from any GEA Refrigeration office.

The Comsel user interface is available in the following languages:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese.


In order to download GEA Grasso's Comsel version v3.18.05, please fill in the form below.

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